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Never underestimate the value of “guided” conversation with your learners. Let them ask, ask, ask! And let’s teach them to find out the answers with us, because whatever knowledge we have, was acquired by someone at some point, by asking a question first.

A Christmas on the Spectrum

"A Christmas on the Spectrum" is a look into a child's thoughts and reactions to his twin cousins with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). When a family lives with ASD, the challenges can be significant for both caretakers and the person diagnosed alike. However, sometimes we forget the struggles and the confusion that an ASD diagnosis on a family member can cause in our little people's mind and routine. Brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, grandkids... they all want to love and be loved by the person diagnosed with ASD. And they often have to face questions like: How do I know what they want? Are they happy? Kids will identify with our protagonist as they see an ASD world through his eyes, facing maybe the same questions and doubts as them. "A Christmas on the Spectrum" is a book to enjoy as a family. Whether there is an ASD diagnosis at home, at school or in the community, it is meant to bring a positive view or outcome to face all doubts.

Una Navidad en el espectro

"Una Navidad en el espectro" es una mirada a los pensamientos y reacciones de un niño en relación a sus primos gemelos con trastorno del espectro autista (TEA). Cuando una familia vive con el TEA, los retos pueden ser significativos tanto para la persona con autismo como para quienes cuidan de ella. Sin embargo, a veces olvidamos los retos y la confusión que un diagnóstico del TEA de un miembro de la familia puede causar en la mente y en la rutina de los más pequeños. Tanto hermanos como hermanas, primos o primas, sobrinos o sobrinas, nietos o nietas... todos quieren amar y sentirse amados por la persona con autismo. Y usualmente tienen que enfrentarse a preguntas tales como: ¿Cómo puedo saber lo que quieren? ¿Son felices? Los niños se identificarán con nuestro protagonista mientras ven un mundo dentro del TEA a través de sus ojos, enfrentándose quizás a las mismas dudas o preguntas que ellos tienen. "Una Navidad en el espectro" es un libro para disfrutar en familia. Ya sea que haya un diagnóstico del TEA en casa, en la escuela o en la comunidad, este libro pretende brindar un resultado o una visión positiva para enfrentar todas las dudas.

5 Days until Thanksgiving

Get your kids engaged in finding out what Thanksgiving is all about while learning the ordinal numbers and reviewing the subject pronouns.

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This book is meant to inspire guided research about the Thanksgiving celebration around the world for the little ones. It features big letters, simple pictures and repetitive patters and vocabulary to make it easy to understand and great for practicing reading skills. Help your little researchers by complementing this book with online resources like videos and websites to help them discover the origins of this holiday and how different it can be in other countries. This bundle includes also an activity workbook for the little ones that engages them in practicing the simple mathematical concepts of counting from 1 to 10, creating simple charts and reviewing the ordinal numbers from first to fifth. It features exercises about literacy skills like a word search to practice the spelling of the vocabulary words related to Thanksgiving and a review of the subject pronouns. This activity workbook also contains drawing activities, coloring pages and simple crafts for some family fun. All of this carefully crafted to keep kids and the whole family in the Thanksgiving spirit.

My Homeschool Library

The best way to learn, it’s not just acquiring the knowledge by reading it or by memorizing it. The best way to learn and to retain what was learned is by using it. Reading stories and engaging in simple or complex discussions about them creates an environment that encourages the brain to make associations to previous knowledge and to relate it to situations around us.

When reading or listening to a book, no thought is too simple. Great things can come from focusing on little details! So even if we can just practice re-telling what we just read or heard, using our own words and perspective, can be a wonderful exercise to teach the mind to do what it was meant to do.

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